• Spiritual Direction - A Holy Invitation

    For thousands of years people have sought spiritual companions to help discern a path toward personal wholeness and deeper intimacy with the Divine.

  • Who am I?

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    Ruth Boven

    I am an ordained pastor and certfified spiritual director. I consider it a rich privilege to share sacred space with others who seek to discern the Divine's invitation to live more fully into who they are. Most of us long for a more conscious experience of the Divine's presence, love, and nourishment. While there are various definitions of spiritual direction one I like is: one beggar showing another beggar where to find bread. A spiritual director is a gentle and safe companion on the journey toward discovering more of the Bread of Life.

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    What You Can Expect

    You can expect what spiritual directors call holy listening. As I practice holy listening with you I commit to these things:

    1. I will listen carefully for your sacred truth and respect it.

    2. I will honor your own spiritual or religious background.

    3. I will maintain confidentiality.

    4. I will respect physical, emotional, and spiritual boundaries.

    5. I will keep deepening my own practices of prayer and meditation.

    6. I will pursue continuing education in spiritual direction.

    7. My central focus will be companioning you on your journey of seeking your own personal wholeness and of noticing the Divine's presence in your everyday life.



  • Sharing the Journey Blog

    Reading reflections, prayers, and blessings for encouragement on your way.

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  • Services

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    One on One Direction

    Ordinarilly I meet with clients in my home office once a month for 50 minutes. I also offer sessions by Zoom. The first session is a time to explore if this will be a good fit. There's no fee for the first meeting. Have questions? Please see my contact information below.

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    Group Spiritual Retreats

    I'm available to lead spriritual retreats for groups. I'd be happy to talk with you about this. I've led retreats focused on joy, gratitude, and on the sacredness of ordinary things. I'm open to other topics.

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    Fees for Services

    Spiritual direction is considered to be a skilled service and on a pay scale similar to something like massage therapy ($90 -$120). My fee is $75. I'm happy to adjust my fee to make it accesible for all. The fees related to retreats are based on each unique retreat.

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