A New Thing

I love to read. One of the joys of reading for me is inviting someone else, often my husband, to reflect with me on something I've read that delights or challenges or spurs me on to deeper thinking. As I sit at my desk now I'm surrounded by books that have companioned me on my journey of faith. I'm grateful for writers and thinkers who with wisdom and courage put their words into the world. My hope for this blog is to invite you
to reflect with me on the wisdom and writings of others. Feel free to simply enjoy
what's shared or to interact with me by sending a message or commenting below. A few books I've read recently address mindfulness and paying more attention to our daily lives. This quote comes from the book - The Mindful Christian, by Dr. Irene Kraegel.

"Mindfulness is learning to step out of frenzied mental abstraction in order to be here. ...Being here helps us to flourish and grow in wisdom, to calm agitated emotions, and to receive the good gifts that God has built into each moment of earthly existence. Being here helps us to be available to divine guidance, care, and revelation by paying attention to God's work."