Ashes that sparkle a little

A friend of mine shared this lovely thought yesterday, on Ash Wednesday:

Remember you are dust

and to dust you shall return


it is stardust

so it's ok

to sparkle a little

before you go


I mean no disrespect. Ash Wednesday and the journey it sends us on through Lent I take seriously. Every year I commit to practices that help me not forget God's costly compassion and Jesus' journey to the cross. But Jesus also encouraged us to be careful of making our practices and prayer, our sufferings and sacrifices - too public, too morbid, too showy. In today's parlance, Jesus might say - be careful of your "virtue signaling." So, as the poet said above, I hope there'll be a little sparkle in my ashes this Lent.

This year I'm using a book called Holy Solitude, by Heidi Haverkamp, for my lenten journey. I like how the book challenges me to consider practices I don't particularly like. Like fasting.

I would love to hear if there is a practice you are incorporating for Lent this year or have in the past.

Whatever your path or practices - may you be awed at the sacredness of life and the richness of leaning into Jesus' Passion and Resurrection.

Peace and goodness (and a little sparkle) on your journey.