Caminando Caminando

Caminando. Caminando. It means walking, walking in Spanish. I'll be doing a lot of that soon. Next Friday Greg and I plan to embark on the trip we canceled last spring when Greg had heart surgery. We'll spend nine days/nights traveling from Guarda, Portugal to Santiago, Spain (on part of the Portuguese Camino). We'll be walking with good friends on a pilgrimage of sorts. Part of our aim is to give ourselves time and space to think and pray and breathe and pay attention. Setting aside one's typical daily routines and comforts offers an opportunity to wander and to wonder. To explore and to learn. To encounter other pilgrims and enjoy unfamiliar landscapes. To try different foods and drink good wine. I can't wait!

I'm reading a book in preparation called "Walk In A Relaxed Manner" by Joyce Rupp. Here's a delightful paragraph.

Gradually The Camino helped me see that every day is an adventure because every day is new. We have not lived that day before. Every space of our lives is unknown until we live it. Approaching life in this way keeps it fresh, invigorating, alive, and inviting. There's something marvelous about stepping out each morning and touching new ground every step of the day. Each moment becomes an opening for revelation. Every footstep announces another opportunity for expansion of one's limited version and view of the world. How life-transforming it would be if each of us awakened to the new day with a sense of adventure in our hearts ... instead of a sluggish approach to what the day holds.

I get that it's easier to create a sense of adventure when you're somewhere new with beautiful surroundings. But I hope I'll return with a renewed commitment to see the gift and adventure each new day is.

I may not update until I return. I'm not sure about that yet. Either way - I'll have lots to share. And I hope you too will share some of your own delightful adventures with me. They're an encouragement.

Wishing you joy on your journey.