Divine Activity

One of the benefits of paying better attention to our ordinary lives is the revelation of God in ways and in places we might not expect. Many of us try hard to understand God's revelation to us in Scripture. But God speaks in the ordinary struggles and mundane moments of our day to day life as well - if we're open and attentive enough to listen.

Rachel Held Evans, in her book Inspired, says - "If I've learned anything from thirty-five years of doubt and belief, it's that faith is not passive intellectual assent to a set of propositions. It's a rough-and-tumble, no-holds barred, all-night-long struggle, and sometimes you have to demand your blessing rather than wait for it."

The same is true, she says, "for Scripture. With Scripture, we've not been invited to an academic fraternity; we've been invited to a wrestling match. We've been invited to a dynamic, centuries-long conversation with God and God's people that has been unfolding since creation, one story at a time. If we're lucky, it will leave us with a limp."

Friends, how has your unfolding story been intersected by God's own unfolding story?

Goodness and grace to you today.