This morning, as part of a guided examen prayer, the leader invited listeners to consider how they may be better conduits of God's love with their actions going into the day. I believe it's the Jesuits who conclude their examen prayers in this way calling it magis - latin for more. My first thought this morning was - I can't do more. I'm tired. More sounds like too much today.

As I sat with that thought, I realized perhaps the "more" is not more of my own efforts but more of inviting God's Spirit into the rhythms and responsibilities of my day. Maybe all I do today, the errands, the physical caring for others, the cooking, the planning, the emails, the helping - are my "more" framed by the desire and invitation for God's Spirit to accompany me. Maybe the "more" is moving through my day with a greater awareness that I'm not alone. Maybe the "more" has more to do with surrender and trust today than with adding bullet points to my to-do list.

God With Us, may our lives be a prayer to you today. May we be open to more of You.