Midafternoon - the wisdom hour

I'm returning to Seven Sacred Pauses this morning. The author describes the wisdom hour as the time of day we start thinking about ending our day well. She suggests it's a time to invite God's ever-present love to assist us in our desire to be faithful and steadfast in the last hours of the day.

Here is one of the prayers she offers for the midafternoon wisdom hour.

O Wisdom of the years, Give us the grace of tender seeing. Helps us to recognize and honor the wise One who lives at the core of our being. May we always be open to being taught. May we be able to let go of our work at the end of the day. May we learn to bless and affirm each person who passes through the hours of our day. May we lose our fear of those things which are transient. May we learn the art of living well and dying well. Teach us to end the day slowly, thoughtfully, gracefully. Soften the driven part of us that we may learn to relax and offer all we are and all we do as a bouquet of life at the close of each day. In the name of the One who lives in us we pray. Amen

Goodness and peace to you.