I haven't been writing much. January has flown nearly into February already. Over the weekend I came down with Covid. It's been rough. Today has brought a little less fatigue and coughing. I'm grateful. So again I share the lovely work of someone whose morning prayers or musings so often move me.

I think this one gets at our (my) tendency to compare and evaluate ourselves according to what others think or do. As if there is only one way to move through life.


There is no one right way.
Follow my footprints in the snow
on the path I made
through the woods to the pond.
Twice the prints wander off
where I took photographs.
Once a snow-bent branch blocked the way,
so I went around.
And here, yes, I forgot where I was going
and started off toward the west, then came back.
Walk where you will and find the pond.

You have come this far.
You have sometimes taken a long way around,
followed the wrong hints.
You’ve discovered detours and short cuts.
There were no dead ends:
here you are.
Don’t kick yourself for what you think of as mistakes.

The question is not, Were you right?
The question is: What did you see?
What did you learn?

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light