The awakening hour

My guide on this journey of pausing throughout the day says that in the "awakening hour" everything stirs with new life. It's the hour we rise from sleep and raise the chalice of our life to the Divine.

I sometimes step outside to breathe deeply early in the morning and listen for a moment to creation praise the Creator. I love this poem by Dom Helder Camara expressing how even when surrounded by a city-scape - creation sings.

I was afraid that with their blocks of concrete

the skyscapers might wound the dawn.

But you ought to see

how sensitive they are

to the morning light,

how they disarm

and lose their cutting edge

and steely soul!

They too are caught

in the irresistable spell

of the holy hour

when the whole natural world

in rapture chants

creations hymn of praise.


Here's a fitting prayer for the awakening hour.

O Light of God, anointed by your morning light I lift my spirit to receive the gift of this new day. Open my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me that I may walk through this day with the kind of awareness that calls forth grateful living. In all of creation let me see the brightness of your face. Shine in my heart and on my life, filling me with joy, creativity, hope, and laughter. Draw me into the radiant glory of your presence and in to the small lights of those with whom I live and work. Inspire me to take time for those who are discouraged. May I live with the kind of presence that enables others to feel at home. Great Dawn of God, hear my prayer. Amen

Peace to you,