Bring oil

I would imagine you too sometimes feel discouraged with the chaos in our world. There's just so much to process, lament, and cry out to God about. I don't want to ever not be deeply disturbed by the suffering all around me. At the same time I don't think it's helpful to anyone for me to live in a constant state of despair. So I try to do small things like call my representatives begging them to work for safety, justice and flourishing for all people. And I also search for things that can help me stay grounded in hope and love. Today I'm reminded that snuggles from my grandson do that. Words of encouragement from Scripture and those who help illumine it can too. And so again I share with you words from Steve Garnaas-Holmes.


When the foolish took their lamps, they took no oil with them;
but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps.
—Matthew 25.3-4

You who wait for the Bridegroom of Peace,
who wait for the Feast of Justice
late into the night,
bring extra oil for your lamps.
The wait will be long.
Don’t be tempted by the promise of “soon.”
Don’t be tricked by your impatience.
Light will fade,
evening’s vine will grow up around you,
the sheet of night pulled up over you,
and the wait will go on.

Bring oil,
and go on. Keep your lamp trimmed,
your little lamp of hope,
little flame of trust and goodwill.
The night will be long,
rumors will precede the bridegroom
yet the bridegroom will not come,
and you will tire.
But do not fall to either sleep or despair.
Love is changing the world,
but you will not see it for a long time.
Let your oil be plentiful enough to last and to share.
No matter how long it takes, keep the flame.
Illumine the little circle where you are.
Light the way.

Grace and peace,