Time and space to grieve

These last weeks have been exhausting. I shouldn't be yet I'm surprised at how profoundly tired I am. I'm working hard to give myself the time and space needed to grieve the death of my mom well. When the voice inside tells me to get back to my to-do-list life with energy and productivity, I've been trying to counter that message with self-compassion. The book, The Wisdom of Your Body by Hillary McBride, which I happened to be reading for other reasons is helping me do that. Here's what I read this morning.

"The best way to midwife our way through emotion is to do so tenderly. Think of an emotion that surfaces often or one that you have a hard time with. Perhaps it is fear. Then think about how you would respond to someone you love if they told you they felt fear. Without even knowing the story what might you do? You might give them a hug, help them take some breaths, remind them that you are present, or reassure them that they are safe, if they are in fact safe. We can borrow from the loving responses we would offer to others to help us tend to our own feelings."

As someone who has walked beside many others on the path of grief, I'm trying to tend and care for myself the way I have others. I was also reminded today how tender Jesus was to those grieving at Lazarus' tomb. Though Jesus knew his friend would be raised, it seems the broken-hearted grief of his friends had Jesus weeping right there with them. I'm thankful for that picture.

Thank you for journeying with me, for "listening," for your prayers and expressions of care.

Grace and peace,