Faith and prayer

From Madeleine L' Engle - And It Was Good

"Faith consists in the acceptance of doubts, the working through them, rather than repression of them.

Faith is beyond literal definition. If we could define it, or give a recipe for it, we could make a Fanny Farmer Cookbook of Faith, and all we'd have to do is check the index for the kind of faith we needed at that moment. But faith, like prayer, is a gift, a gift of knowing that the light shines in the darkness, of knowing that the light cannot be put out, no matter how diligently the tempter tries to snuff it. The gift, when it comes, frequently altars our perception of reality, and the manner in which we pray. Prayer, like faith, is a much understood, much abused word. Sometimes we pray most honestly when we pray in ways which are considered childish, when we give ourselves to God just as we are, with all our imperfections, prejudices and faults."

I'm pondering the truth that stumbling like a child into the presence of God is a perfectly acceptable prayer. I don't need to be all cleaned up. I don't have to have my life perfectly in order. I don't even need to say the right things or have my thoughts completely sorted out. Sitting in silence and receiving the Spirit's love, acceptance, and goodness renews my soul. Communing with the Divine in this way is life-affirming. And I'm grateful.

You are fully loved.