Isaiah 35

Chapter 35 of Isaiah gives us beautiful redemptive and restorative language for God's work of renewal in the world. I especially love the images of water pouring forth in places of dry desolation.


Let the desert and the wilderness exult!

Let the Arabah rejoice and bloom like the crocus! Let it blossom profusely, let it rejoice and sing for joy! ...

Say to all those faint of heart, "Take courage! Do not be afraid!"..."God is coming to save you." ...

Then those who cannot walk will leap like deer and the tongues of those who cannot speak will sing for joy. Waters will break forth in the wilderness and there will be streams in the desert. The scorched earth will become a lake, the parched land, springs of water.

...And through it will run a highway, a road called the Sacred Path. ...


May God's renewing work be evident in and around you and me today.

Grace and peace,