The Blessing Hour

"In the middle of my morning's work I break for blessings: a deep breath, a glance out the window, a grateful stretch, a remembrance of God, a brief reflection on the nobility of work, an encouraging word, a grateful thought, a smile, a short prayer, a remembrance of who I am, a sip of freshly brewed coffee."


"By every power, by heart and toungue,

By act and deed, Thy praise be sung.

Inflame with perfect love each sense

That other's souls may kindle thence."


"In this little prayer from an old hymn, we are asking for our love to be renewed so that other souls may be rekindled. Our reflective pause is to restore our own temple so that those around us may find support and encouragement for their daily lives."

"The poet Kahlil Gibran offers us a jewel of truth when he tells us that work is 'love made visible.'"

Grace and peace,



*Again, the excerpts are from Seven Sacred Pauses